About Advanced Leak & Line Locator in the Dallas Metro Area

As a family owned and operation business, Advance Leak & Line Locators has been servicing the Dallas, TX metro area. Since 2010, Advanced Leak & Line Locators consists of Randy and his three sons who are all plumbers who know what they are doing. Trust them to handle all your plumbing needs!
Plumber Holding A Wrench — Plumbing Leaks in Farmersville, TX
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Testimonial from Sewer Laterals Project

Randy and crew(s) are exceptional professionals. I was not able to select all the options for "What I liked about the contractor" so I would like to include that they were on schedule, had excellent communication, they were organized, and above all their good workmanship is an understatement. His crew, including his sons, were persistent in finding all the slab leaks we had under our aged home. The original plumbing held several unexpected pathways and unknown previous repairs. These gentlemen worked as an experienced team to find all the breaks (roughly 7 under slab leaks and 3 inside the wall) and get them fixed in ways that demonstrated a more responsible and reliable design and layout. Bobby took pictures of all the broken original plumbing and the repaired new plumbing. He sent all the pictures to me, saving me from crawling under my foundation slab in at least 4 places. Each plumber took his time to explain to me what they had discovered and what could be done to correct it. They let me know the options with pros and cons for each solution. This project took over a week of investigation and repairs. They were considerate of the integrity of our house, inside and out, as well as the well-being of our indoor cat. I could tell they respect their customers and take pride in their workmanship. When wood paneling had to be removed to gain access to pipes, the panels were expertly removed and put back without leaving a mark. This is our first home and this set of repairs was huge and intimidating. We could not have asked for a better company to get our house back in working order. Thank you so much!!

More Testimonials

"I was extremely pleased with the work done and the professionalism of the crew, They showed up right on schedule and worked carefully, trying to locate the elusive leak. They finally found it under the concrete slab in my garage. They explained everything thoroughly and did excellent work. After completing the job, they did a fine job with the clean-up. I fervently hope that I would never have a similar problem, but if I did, I would certainly hire them again! (also, they gave a 10% senior citizen discount!)"
"This was my second experience with Randy and his team and it also went extremely well. It was a difficult installation because my house has a very small water heater space and a drain pan was needed. Also, the gas line had to be rerouted. Despite the difficulties, the replacement was handled in one day, and Randy's team was professional, communicated well, and was on time. Will use them for all future plumbing needs."
"He had to remove a piece of equipment left by another plumber in our line to even begin the job. It could have caused much more damage to our home if Mr. Henderson had not taken the care he did in removing the piece. He then located the leak beneath our foundation, drilled through tile in several places, and removed and bagged the soil beneath the house, and replaced the pipe. After having a building inspector approve the work, he then had his crew replace and pack the soil, cement the foundation, and cover the area for our safety. After we had the tile replaced, we had Advanced Leak & Line Locators come back to install a new kitchen sink and disposal (an unrelated plumbing job) and re-seat the toilet and sink in the bathroom that had tile replaced. Again, totally professional crew. Mr. Henderson stopped in on the job and after being assured it was off to a good start, left it in the capable hands of one of his plumbers and crew. They did not leave until every line was checked and rechecked to be sure we would not need to call them back. Should we need a plumber again, we will call them and refer others to them. We've had a variety of plumbers in our home over 25 years, but never a crew this nice and competent."

"I called at 5 pm and they were able to book me an appointment at 10 am the next day. Found the leak quickly and efficiently and was able to schedule a repair date within 2 days. Came on a Saturday morning and fixed the leak within 5 hours. Removed extra cement to help for future problems. Prices were great and service was friendly and efficient. I would recommend them for any one who needs quick service. Tried other plumbers and was told it would be 2 weeks before they could see me and could not recommend anyone else."